Quisque sentit ut clunes

Disregard Schoolwork, Draw Ponies

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cutencreatures asked: I LOVE YOU PPLEASE LOVE ME SENPAI


im startled of goat

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One thing’s for sure if I ever have 570$ to spare I am getting the requiem choir which is probably the most amazing virtual choir ever

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doublecleffmusic asked: With EQing and Reverb, any of Logic's orchestral/piano can stand against any of Kontakt's libraries

its a 1928 steinway sampled by 8dio, aka the company that has their instruments in alot of major movies and video games

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doublecleffmusic asked: Logic is only $200 and comes with 35 gigs of shit

Yes but 12gigs of a 1928 legacy steinway, 2.5 gigs of a plucked piano, and a gig of a bass that is basically ripped apart in the process